We offer a unique set of courses which will help you develop better presentation skills and become a great public speaker.

We can help you and your team to communicate more effectively.

Additional set of courses which can help you become a more focused and organized person.

Overall Rating of Courses

Quality Review Report 2018 by Profitable Insights, London, UK


We Shattered the Myths about Online Training

We all remember how many fears and doubts we had about online training: Could it ever match the valuable learning participants experience in the classroom? Could online training be as satisfying, beneficial and interactive?


Yes, it can! At Klos Training, our record shows that our online delivery maintains learning satisfaction and effectiveness, and, for some topics, even enhances it.


We adapted several of our key courses to the online learning environment, carefully adjusting the content, exercises, interaction, and timing to meet the demands of remote learners. Of course, we are careful to maintain the hallmarks of our classroom training: lots of practice and feedback for our participants from top-notch trainers.


We find that live delivery provides the personal contact and social interaction learners need and want when working remotely (VILT format/Video Instructor Led Training.)


Online training may be here to stay for the future, and for this reason, we will continue to invest, providing quality training both online and in the classroom.


Please see our success in the data below. Typically, our classroom courses are highly rated by participants and here you see the comparison of how our online training meets or exceeds classroom training in both:

  • Overall rating
  • Satisfaction with content

Our clients include:

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A Book by Laura Klos-Sokol

Shortcuts to Poland

Laura Klos-Sokol
ABE/IPS: 2015, 4th edition

Whether you’re visiting or working in Poland, this book will help you better understand Poles’ everyday behaviors—and perhaps some of your own in a cross-cultural situation.

Going beyond pierogi and vodka, you’ll learn how to have a conversation, behave as a guest, be a good work colleague and make friends. The cultural insights on Polish behaviors and values will make you feel more comfortable in Poland…or at least a bit less puzzled.

While directed at Americans, the examples and observations will appeal to anyone interested in cross-cultural communications.