Speak with Charisma™

Many business presenters need to deliver their message with extra impact to persuade, motivate or inspire their listeners. This is especially important for speakers in a leadership position—or those who aspire to be. To stand out, be noticed and influence others, dynamic public speaking skills are a must.

During this training, we focus on the core development areas for advanced presenters who want to develop their charisma:

  • audience engagement and interest, creating a dialogue
  • expanding the voice range and variety of techniques
  • advanced and strategic body language

The program is gauged according to participant needs and tailored with additional themes as identified, such as using images, metaphors and repetition, dealing with difficult questions, storytelling or techniques of persuasion/motivation/inspiration.

The smaller group size allows the two trainers/coaches to pay careful attention to each participant’s individual style, strengths and developmental needs. For example, for some exercises, each participant is assigned individual behavioral goals, which they meet by demonstrating a given technique—this may involve several repetitions. With the support of the trainer/coach’s detailed feedback, each participant progresses and improves in their own individual areas.

Participants also analyze videos of accomplished speakers and how they apply the advanced techniques taught in the course.


  • Delivery in a more powerful and charismatic style to influence your audience and make a strong impression
  • Harmonize your delivery to persuade, motivate or inspire your listeners
  • Develop your own individualized speaking style according to your personal strengths and needs
  • Work on the areas where you need to progress and improve your skills
  • Individualized feedback and support from an expert trainer/coach

Who This is For

Experienced presenters with a solid base of public communication skills. For those in leadership positions who need to influence others, or who will be in a leadership position and need to increase their visibility.

Number of participants: 8 maximum
Length: 2 days
Language: English or Polish
Delivered by 2 trainers