Boot Camp Combo
in Public Communication Skills

This course is an intensive 3- or 4-day training that combines two of our most popular courses:

Think On Your Feet®

Speak with Confidence™

First, by learning and practicing Think On Your Feet® techniques, you sharpen your skills of speaking clearly, briefly and with impact. Then, in Speak with Confidence™ you apply these skills to create a well-structured presentation from scratch, which you deliver in a video-recorded exercise. Ultimately, through exercises and practice, you add elements to build a truly engaging and effective presentation. Thanks to filming, personalized feedback and coaching, you develop your own confident, engaging and effective style.


This intensive and powerful combination builds three skill sets:

  • Speak clearly, briefly and with impact in a variety of everyday business situations (meetings, phone calls, teleconferences, one-on-one discussions)
  • Prepare and deliver professional and engaging presentations
  • Manage demanding Q&A sessions

Who This is For

Those who need an efficient way to build their professional skills for everyday communication, including delivery of clear, engaging presentations.


As pre-work, participants draft and come prepared with a presentation to use in the workshop.

The workshop itself consists of a combination of the following activities:

  • Think on Your Feet®
  • Strategic body language and eye contact
  • Audience involvement (techniques for maintaining audience attention)
  • Effective voice use, using slides
  • Stress (identifying symptoms and causes, how to combat it)
  • Exercises (including filmed exercises)
  • Personalized feedback/coaching

Number of participants: 12 maximum

Length: 3-4 days

Language: English or Polish

Delivered by 1 or 2 trainers, depending on group size