Speak in Stories™

Everyone loves a good story.
Effective stories provide more than just facts, or a simple account of what happened. Stories are a tool to capture the imagination and strike emotional chords, with lasting effect. In your hands, stories can be wielded powerfully to make the complicated simple; to inspire; or to impart new ways to view the world. Stories don’t tell people what to do. They show things in a way that is more authentic, visual and objective, and far more compelling.

In this workshop you learn how to craft powerful stories. Luckily, all you need is a little know-how and practice. Using your own narratives, you build, revise and tell stories that can be used to spice up a talk, share important life lessons or explain/reinforce key messages in business. You can even use a story to build a presentation.

Together with other participants, you will review, improve and hone your stories. You’ll develop the skills to translate your experiences into powerful, memorable vignettes for business communications. Group and trainer feedback will enable you to rework your stories, to make your openings gripping and your lessons unforgettable. By the end, you will have the confidence to deliver messages in a more motivating and inspiring manner.


  • Deliver key messages with greater and longer-lasting impact
  • More opportunities to share business and leadership insights with others
  • Improve delivery and confidence to get messages across in a more objective, motivating and inspiring manner
  • Enhance presence as a public speaker and business leader

Who This is For

Leaders, managers, professional communicators, sales representatives, trainers, instructors. Anyone who communicates important information, from mission statements to leadership messages to day-to-day business issues, and wants the information to be remembered and shared.


The workshop itself consists of a combination of the following three activities:

  • Story: discussing and using the building blocks of stories to construct compelling narratives
  • Telling: exercising techniques and tools for making stories more interesting and memorable, and
  • Practice: sharing, reworking, and re-telling stories

Considerable feedback serves as the basis for revising and improving stories, and can include filming. Other modules that can be incorporated into the workshop include:

  • Creating suspense
  • Enhancing emotional authenticity through voice and non-verbal behaviors
  • Making a presentation into a story
  • Types of stories (archetypes, ready-to-use frameworks)
  • Simplifying business stories
  • Corporate stories on specific topics
  • Jokes and anecdotes
  • Improvisation (creating stories on the spot)

Number of participants: 6

Length: 1 day

Language: English or Polish

Delivered by 1 trainer