Speak Virtually™

Communicating your ideas online has become a business necessity, even more so these days. And let’s face it, it’s a struggle to keep people’s attention online. Learn how to deliver engaging presentations, comfortably and effectively, with our online course, Speak Virtually™.

Thanks to exercises, focused trainer input and individualized feedback for each participant, you’ll find this course active, practical and personal (and fun, thanks to our talented trainers). Join us online. We’ll show you how to make your idea to travel, so you don’t have to.


  • Build your on-screen presence and style
  • Connect with the audience by making your messages relevant to them
  • Use techniques for a more energized and interesting delivery to hold the attention of your online listeners
  • Personalized feedback and coaching for your own development

Who This is For

Professionals required to present online and who would like to elevate their delivery style above the “chatroom” level usually associated with online communication; managers and communicators wishing to reduce the down-time and expense associated with traveling to meetings.


  • Connecting with your audience’s needs
  • Non-verbal communication on screen
  • Techniques for maintaining audience attention and focus
  • Voice use for online impact
  • Short practice exercises
  • Feedback/coaching
  • One-on-one coaching session

Number of participants:
Group of 5 maximum (1 trainer)
Group of 10 maximum (2 trainers, English version with native speakers)
3 hours + individual feedback sessions (15 mins per participants, longer consultations available)
English or Polish