Think on Your Feet®

Would you like to communicate and perform better in spontaneous leadership situations? During meetings, workplace discussions, Q&As, sales pitches, conference calls and public speaking? Think on Your Feet® can help in all these situations and more.

TOYF® is a practical, intensive workshop to help people speak with clarity, brevity and impact.

It teaches you how to structure ideas simply and persuasively, and explain complex information clearly. By learning and practicing new thinking and speaking habits, you develop the ability to package and deliver information effectively. You will communicate in a more succinct and logical manner, position your arguments to be more persuasive, and win over audiences by appealing to their particular needs.

This intensive two-day course gives you a wealth of practice in how to answer questions clearly and avoid overloading listeners with information.

You will speak with greater impact, created by illustrating ideas with memorable examples, positive handling of objections, targeting responses with your key messages and more directly addressing the concerns of others.

TOYF® is the best tool to strengthen your performance in the real-time communications challenges you face.


  • Communicate your ideas clearly and briefly for more efficient communication
  • Your ideas, solutions, new business proposals, pitches are more frequently heard, considered and accepted
  • Reduce complexity, information overload, excess details and tangents, for more focused discussions
  • Deal better with difficult or challenging questions

Who This is For

Professionals who need communication skills to convey important or complex information to others every day. For managers and senior executives, lawyers, technical specialists, sales and marketing teams, accountants and other professionals. Also useful for those who deal with the media or otherwise answer questions in front of live audiences.


  • Speaking with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®
  • Structuring thoughts to explain and inform
  • Reducing complexity in information
  • How to deal with difficult questions
  • Interacting with listeners
  • Asserting a point of view or changing someone’s mind
  • How to narrow discussions to key points
  • Quick pitches/elevator speeches

Number of participants: 12 (larger groups possible)

Length: 2 days

Language: English or Polish

Delivered by one trainer (two or more for larger groups)