Helping Ukraine



As we all know, there are huge needs among Ukrainians in Poland.
There are many ways to support but how to choose between all the possibilities?

We are working together with Centrum Pomocy Puławska 20, a local Warsaw center fulfilling the short- and mid-term needs of displaced Ukrainians. It’s an information point, support center, and free shop for Ukrainians in need. They even provide Polish lessons.

Klos Training has teamed up with our partners, People Potential in Malaysia, to support Centrum Pomocy Puławska 20. With funds provided by People Potential, Klos Training is helping deliver needed food and other supplies to the free shop.

Please join us!

Contribute online to support Centrum Pomocy Puławska 20 in providing a safe friendly place to get food, clothing, supplies, Polish lessons and other support services: Crowdfunding for Centrum Pomocy
Please give food, supplies or volunteer: Centrum Pomocy on Facebook

Everything you need to know about Centrum Pomocy including what is currently needed most.

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