Mastering Your Voice™

Everybody’s voice is important, but for you and your communication tasks yours is the most important. In this course a professional actor/voice coach guides you in using your voice more consciously and effectively. Exercises, demonstrations and drills, teach and reinforce voice techniques for speaking about own personal and professional topics. Depending on your needs, we may work on vocal range, intonation, emphasis, pauses, deep breathing or other voice-related areas. Whether you speak publicly frequently, teach, conduct webinars, or work a lot over the phone, this course will help you better use your voice to communicate and deliver important messages.


  • Develop your voice to deliver messages with more energy and emotion, making your main points stand out.
  • Use a variety of voice techniques to build interest and hold the attention of listeners, turning dry or difficult topics into interesting ones.
  • To speak with greater self-confidence and authority, and have greater impact when motivating or persuading others.

Who This is For

Anyone who needs to communicate with a strong presence in public situations. Managers and leaders who would like to strengthen their voice and presence in spoken interactions. All people who deliver important information via telephone or video-conferencing and virtual presentations via Internet.


Voice training is always highly tailored to individual or group needs, but generally includes a selection of the following modules:

  • Review of voice skills
  • Proper breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Intonation and shortening sentences
  • Expanding inhalation/exhalation and power of voice
  • Removing blockers and lowering stress
  • Resonation
  • Rhythm, recalibration, color and tone
  • Basics of proper articulation
  • Emphasis for logical flow
  • Expanding the range of emotion in the voice
  • Exercises with real-life texts
  • Practical application in presentation/speech/lecture etc.

Number of participants: 1-8 maximum

Length: 4-8 hours (individual lesson can also be taught in coaching format)

Language: Polish (can also be taught for non-native presenters speaking in English)

Delivered by a professional voice teacher/actor