Spark Engagement Index®:
Engagement in the Workplace

Many organizations and their employees want to create more engagement and passion in the workplace but don’t always know how.

Based on 20 years of research, this interactive workshop reveals the true nature of passion at work and highlights the two main drivers required to create, unblock or sustain this exceptional work experience. .

During the training, you’ll focus on what is most meaningful for you and what steps you need for more progress and impact in your work. For example, you’ll use an original card game to identify specifically which work experiences or activities drive your passion, and explore what opportunities you have to grow or maintain your own engagement in your everyday tasks. You’ll also learn to identify and deal with unhelpful phases you may pass through on the way to reaching full engagement.

The workshop also includes an online self-assessment and personalized report for each participant to understand specifically what drives—or blocks—their own passion, and a pre-meeting or conversation with the trainer as appropriate to tailor the course.

Especially beneficial to teams that have already been formed, the compilation of their on-line assessment creates a profile of their engagement. This helps the team and their manager identify what they need to create a more engaging environment.

As a follow-up to the workshop, participants or teams complete a second on-line assessment to measure what progress they have made in creating, maintaining or unblocking their passion at work.


  • Identify concrete elements you need to feel most engaged, and practical actions to boost your engagement at work
  • Find more meaning and progress in your work for better performance
  • Learn how to avoid or pull out of “unhealthy” phases like complaining or procrastinating
  • For teams, isolate areas in which you can improve and perform better as team
  • Develop a different mindset and have tools you can apply on a daily basis

Who This is For

Individual contributors, managers and teams who want to increase or maintain their engagement at work.


  • Introduction to Passion (and what it really is)
  • Spark Engagement Index® Key Drivers
  • What Creates Passionate Work Experiences
  • Your Macro Formula for Engagement
  • Dealing with “unhealthy” phases or blockers: Strategies and actions
  • Your Diagnostic Tool
  • Applications and Exercises

1 ½ or 2 day workshop (other options available)

In English

Trainer: Laura Klos Sokol

Small to large groups