E-mix – presenting

Presentation Skills E-mix

This course combines on-line learning and classroom practice.
Under the guidance of experienced trainers, participants develop their presentation skills in minimum time.


This is achieved through measured application of online study and coaching, intense classroom activities, and follow-up that sustains the development process and reinforces key learnings (up to several months). This course is ideal for beginning presenters and for those who can’t leave a demanding work environment for two full training days. Coaches, managers or HR can view and track the progress of both individuals and the group online.

The course takes part in 3 phases:

  • On-line Interactive Study: Self-study and exercises with virtual guidance and feedback from trainers to prepare and practice a presentation (4-6 hours).
  • Training Event: Review, practice, coaching, filming and feedback in the classroom with coaches/trainers.
  • On-line Follow-up:  With virtual support from trainers.


  • In a time-effective manner, increase confidence while presenting by developing your own authentic and natural style
  • Master basic presentation and preparation for own use or to assist others in preparing and delivering presentations
  • Make presentation topics more interesting and hold the attention of your listeners
  • Sustained learning and personalized feedback and coaching

The course includes:

  • Preparing and adjusting to different types of audience
  • Structure and flow of information
  • Body language for impact
  • Coping with stress
  • How make your topic interesting
  • Using slides effectively
  • Strategies to manage stress
  • Using your voice for a clear and dynamic delivery
  • Developing your own personal professional style
  • Personal feedback and filming

Who the training is for

Professionals who need to develop fundamental presentation skills to speak with more confidence. Also, for those with limited time to spend in the training room.

Number of participants: 12 (bigger groups possible with more trainers)
Trainers: 2 (more for larger groups)
Length: 1 workshop day, 4-6 hours online (during weeks preceding workshop, up to 3 months of online follow-up)
Language: English or Polish

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