Speak Big™:
Public Speaking to Large Groups

One of the greatest challenges for a public speaker – and one of the most thrilling – is to present to a large groups (50+ people). Big events like conferences, town-hall meetings and award/recognition ceremonies, require a specific delivery style that is bigger yet still personal, that grabs the audience’s attention and creates positive engagement. Content needs to be not only informative but also motivating, inspirational or just plain fun.

This course helps speakers achieve their best at big events and to apply their individual, natural strengths to bring authenticity to the stage. It also provides them with practical skills and techniques to make their messages clear and engaging to a large audience. They learn tips and methods to connect and interact with listeners in spite of large group size (and to better manage better the inevitable stress).


In this training, the core of the learning takes place through practice of group activities and shared feedback so that participants have a chance to try out the techniques, see the effects in video-taped exercises and get suggestions on how to enhance their style. The course includes four video-taped exercises with two viewing/feedback sessions in small groups and one viewing/individual feedback session. The low ratio of participants to trainers (5:1) ensures personalized and very direct feedback for each person. During feedback sessions, participants use a form to record the input they receive in order to set goals and track their progress.

Before the training, there is a consultation with the trainers to tailor the course to specific needs and events.


  • Communicate with, handle and engage a large audience with confidence
  • Adjust and deliver messages to make accessible for large groups
  • Use advanced professional public speaking techniques for large spaces and audience engagement techniques
  • Create the desired effect on a large audience (for example: motivation, inspiration) with content, voice and body language
  • Feel comfortable on a large stage

Who This is For

This course is aimed at experienced presenters who require public speaking skills for big events (50+ people). For anyone in a high visibility leadership role performing in front of a large audience to engage, motivate or inspire them.

Course elements (chosen according to client needs):

  • Advanced large audience engagement techniques
  • Advanced body language/eye contact for larger audiences
  • Advanced voice techniques to persuade and motivate
  • How to make an introduction
  • How to give public recognition
  • How to improvise
  • Stagecraft: Presenting awards, working with VIPs on stage
  • Handling microphones and other equipment
  • Coping with stress
  • Film-recording, viewing and feedback