Speak with Influence

Speak with More Influence Workshop

Influencing means changing another person’s views, attitudes, decisions, perceptions or actions (with of course positive intention and results).  In order to do so skillfully, first we need to be self-aware of our own style and how we affect others, especially those who have a different style. Then, we need to identify what influence (and results) we want to have. Finally, we need to adapt our style and behaviors to our listeners and situation, which requires some thought, planning and flexibility. This course shows us how.

Influencing requires a variety of communication skills, including understanding the other person’s style and position, building rapport and knowing how to put forth our views in a way so they listen willingly.

With tools practiced in this workshop you will have what you need to start better influencing others, and make your interactions more positive and productive.


  • Learn how to understand yourself and others better
  • Make communication smoother, easier for other person
  • Adapt better to other personal styles so you can communicate your ideas more easily to influence them.
  • Get along better with others while pursuing your own goals (without giving up your opinions, style)

Who This is For

Anyone working with other people.


  • Understanding own style and impact on others
  • Influencing vs. manipulation
  • Adjusting for target audiences
  • Do’s and Don’ts of approaching and adjusting to others
  • Influencing people who are different than you
  • Roles plays
  • Situational games

Number of participants: 8-10

Length: 4 hours (1/2 day)

Language: English

Delivered by one trainer

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