Helping people work better together

This workshop equips you with the skills, attitudes and, most importantly, the communications tools to build working relationships based on trust, understanding and agreed outcomes. In other words, how to build better business relationships. Collaborate shows you how to become a valuable commodity in your organization and for others. In short, this is done by treating others with exceptional focus; by adapting approaches to show and earn genuine trust and respect; and by delivering value.

The program covers core relationship skills including self-perception, first impressions, positive conversations, dismantling silos, power/influence, improving specific relationships, keeping the focus on value provision, and gaining deeper insight into partners’ real needs.

To be successful within companies and with other business partners, the ability to engage, cooperate with and influence others is a core competence. For many, in a world of increasingly homogenous services and products, it is one of the only ways to differentiate and command premiums. In the information age, it is not enough to be technically competent, or to attempt persuasion by authority alone. Collaborate gives you “in-the-moment” skills to make interactions more credible and help you deliver value at all levels of the business. Collaborate’s practical, scenario-based approach means that you learn not only what you need to do but also how to do it. And how to spread value-focused relationship behaviors within your organization.


  • Ability to establish common ground and build trust fast with a wide variety of people
  • Create impact by asking intelligent questions that build credibility and develop a deep understanding of desired outcomes and current challenges
  • Build mutually acceptable solutions through an open approach focused on shared goals
  • Deliver more value through what you do, every time
  • More sustainable outcomes (based on better mutual understanding, commonalities, collaborative value generation)
  • Committed, more productive relationships with business partners

Who This is For

Everyone for whom collaboration is a key part of work, and strong relationships are essential to delivering value across different functions and departments, within and outside the organization. Leaders, managers, human resources professionals, consultants, providers of value-added services and key account managers. Collaborate can be used to strengthen relationship skills with a focus within your company, or on relationships with external partners.

Collaborate includes a wide range of tools and electronic support to measure, facilitate, track and maintain relationship skills. A one- or two-day workshop covers a selection of the topics below:

  • Evaluating and influencing relationships
  • Relationship types (Ad-hoc; Social; Technical; Partner)
  • Trust and how to build it (The Trust Equation)
  • Stakeholder roles and how to influence, stakeholder types and roles
  • Understanding and adapting behavior (Prefrr/OctagonTM Behavioral Questionnaire)
  • Creating a cooperative environment (Personal Power; I We U Openings)
  • Discovery and envisioning (SHAPE Questioning)
  • Focusing on value (Value Sheets)
  • Continuing the collaborative process
  • Presenting ideas (Need-Feature-Benefit; Storytelling)
  • Bringing it all together, action planning

Language: English

Length: 1-2 days

Number of participants: 14-16 (larger groups possible)