Emotional Judo®

Because difficult conversations can evoke intense and uncomfortable emotions, many people dread, delay or avoid them. Others go in, geared for a confrontation. Many people find that conversations with subordinates, peers and supervisors leave them frustrated, drained, or overwhelmed. The business implications of conflict or avoidance can be significant in terms of impact on resources, productivity, relationships, and reputation.


However, it’s possible to change this and handle difficult conversations with more comfort, confidence, and less emotional distraction.


Crafted by the author of the book Emotional Judo® Communication Skills to Handle Difficult Conversations and Boost Emotional Intelligence, this training shows how to recognize and manage the dynamics of difficult conversations. It gives practical strategies on behaviors, and what to say, so that others will engage and listen more willingly, even when emotions are high. This, in turn, helps build, manage, and maintain productive relationships in the workplace.


Participants learn and practice clear communication structures to help overcome reluctance, deal with discomfort, and adeptly manage the emotional intensity and power tactics of difficult – but vital –conversations. The course also addresses how to identify and respond when others use sneaky tactics to pushback, resist or manipulate the conversation.


  • Feel more courage in the face of pressure and threat of conflict.
  • More engaged business partners while smoothing over differences.
  • Increased ability to manage difficult conversations and conflict.
  • Less stress, more confidence to address sensitive issues.
  • Better relationships, feeling more in control.
  • Saved time, energy, and increased productivity.

Who This is For

Leaders, managers and business owners who deal with emotionally charged topics and situations. Professionals who want to address and respond more productively to others’ behavior to reduce discomfort and conflict.


An Emotional Judo® workshop covers such topics as:

  • Applying Judo principles to communication
  • Significance: positioning in relationships
  • Empathizing, without being a soft touch
  • Resolving disagreements diplomatically
  • Spotting and dealing with sneaky tactics/pushbacks people use to destabilise communication
  • Say “no”, setting boundaries
  • Moving to beneficial outcomes

Number of participants: 12 maximum
Length: 2 x 4 hours or 1 x 8 hour session
Language: English or Polish
Delivered by 1 trainer