Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop

Self-awareness forms the basis of confidence and comfort in communication and interactions with others. Understanding how your work and communication styles affect you and those around you can help you build smoother, more productive relationships.

This workshop is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step I), a psychological instrument that helps people identify their personal preferences in how they relate to and communicate with others, take in information, make decisions and organize their work. It’s the most widely used instrument of its kind in the world, and is based on the personality types originally identified by psychologist Karl Jung.

Before the workshop, participants fill out an on-line questionnaire. During the session through a variety of activities and games, they learn how their psychological preferences affect their own behaviors, relationships and interactions with others. Participants also  review the psychological functions MBTI is based on, and interpret their questionnaire results.


  • Understand how your preferences can affect how you work, and the effect they have on others around you and your relationships
  • Learn to communicate and interact better with others, even if they have different preferences
  • Avoid or manage some sources of stress

Who This is For

Anyone wanting to increase communication skills or build good working relationships. Also good for developing teamwork, understanding client relationships, as well as general personal and professional development. Essential for young leaders.

Sample Workshop Program

  • Attitudes toward the world, sources of stimulation
  • Ways of taking in data/absorbing information
  • Activities and games
  • Decision-making
  • Lifestyles
  • Interpretation/explanation of results
  • Psychological functions, psychological types
  • Individual consultations with trainer

Options according to needs:

  • Predicting style differences/working with other styles
  • Preferred working conditions for particular types
  • Working with clients or working in teams
  • Temperament and leadership behaviors
  • Effects on management practices

Duration: 1 day

Language version: English

Number of participants: max. 15

Number of trainers: 1