Positive Psychology

The principles of positive psychology can contribute significantly to our well-being. By approaching our lives from the perspective of strengths, best practices on thriving and personal effectiveness, we can achieve increased ease and flexibility in order to deal with whatever tasks we face. Positive psychology also gives us answers how to confront and address the biggest impediments to productivity (prioritizing, excessive focus, and procrastination), and suggests how to make work flow and more enjoyable.

In this course we bring to bear best practices of positive psychology to show how to be happier and increase well-being. This includes building on strengths, building a positive mindset, attitude priming, developing habits that increase motivation, and techniques for countering some destructive workplace behaviors.  Whether we seek balance in terms of work-life, or among the core responsibilities of our professional lives, or seek help connecting the big picture with the small, positive psychology can make a significant difference.


  • Learn ways to reduce the role and impact of stress and negative energy
  • Find out how to increase satisfaction in your work and personal life
  • Apply a new approach that in the long term can boost your sense of well-being

Who This is For

Managers, team leaders, senior executives, anyone struggling to get things done and make themselves and others a bit happier.


  • Positive psychology as a framework
  • Applying personal strengths
  • Mindset in difficult circumstances
  • Accomplishment and failure in perspective
  • Downplaying pressure and stress
  • Cultivating enthusiasm and passion
  • Exercises
  • Rollout at work and in personal life

Group: 8-10 participants

1 or 1½ day workshop

In English only

Trainer: Laura Klos Sokol