Prepare to Speak:
How to Prepare Your Presentation

This workshop teaches you how to prepare for and write a clear and persuasive presentation

The focus is on what you present — that is, you will work on developing a topic, gathering information, narrowing the focus to key ideas, using the right structure, writing slides and making the content engaging for your audiences. Your presentations are best when short and centered on one overall idea, and you support it with carefully selected topics, evidence and data.

To capture and hold audience interest, your presentations must be crafted for a specific group and their needs, and designed with an audience-oriented approach to communication. While this course touches upon some aspects of a classic presentation skills (public speaking) course, it does not include instruction on how to use PowerPoint or delivery style (like body language).

The emphasis is on helping you prepare, drafting the content and engaging audiences.


The course comprises two basic parts:

  • The factual side: define your topic; identify your goals, key message and supporting facts (key points); analyze your audience. Prepare and adjust your arguments to fit the audience and your key ideas. Anticipate questions and/or resistance.
  • Clarity and engagement: choose the structure; create an easy-to-follow flow, opening and closing, using slides as support, and elements to engage the listeners.

This program can be combined with trainings for developing stand-up delivery style and skills for presenters (body language, voice, stress reduction).

The 1 ½ day version includes a “dry-run” practice delivery and feedback, and editing of the presenter’s notes.

1 or 1 ½ days

12 participants max.

English or Polish