The Case Maker™

Clear and convincing proposals mean times savings and better utilization of more  opportunities. Some professionals seem to know intuitively how to influence their peers, senior management and clients. Others struggle to get buy-in for their ideas. As a result, decisions are delayed, and opportunities are lost.

The Case Maker™ is our state-of-the-art persuasion program that will teach your managers and technical experts the art of structured persuasive communication., including how to deliver:

  • Clear and convincing proposals
  • Well packaged ideas
  • Vital information and sound justification designed for the audience


  • Improved meeting effectiveness: Employees will be able to present with structure and clarity, saving considerable time.
  • More clients or approvals: Your clients will find themselves agreeing more easily with your technical specialists and managers.
  • Increased employee engagement: Clear and easy communication is an essential component of a productive and engaging work environment

Who This is For

Anyone who needs to get buy-in for their ideas and adapt their messages to different types and levels of audiences.


  • Analyzing Audiences
  • Working with Storyboards
  • Creating Frames
  • Building Awareness & Agreement
  • Justifying Proposals
  • Working on Cases
  • Fluency Exercises

Number of participants: 16 maximum

Length: 1 day

Language: English or Polish

Delivered by one trainer