Presentations in English:
Yes, You Can!™

Build your power and confidence in English, to supplement the excellent technical knowledge of the language you already have.

This course focuses on giving participants the tools and skills they need to present with greater confidence in English, in front of international audiences.

The curriculum contains some fundamental material on presentation, but primarily involves exercising public speaking and presenting in English, incorporating material designed specifically to increase performance in that language.

The workshop is divided into modules concerned with presentation techniques and style, presentation exercises, and work on expressions and language typically used in presentations.

Practice is conducted in short, intensive sessions conducted by two trainers. All participants have considerable opportunities to practice their new skills—the group can also be divided by level of ability. Video recording of presentations and feedback sessions is used to reinforce new skills in a near-real presenting environment, and to show participants how they are improving.


  • Stronger public speaking skills, enabling you to present with clarity and authority in English.
  • Reduced stress and a more expressive style, more harmonized with your behavior and manner in your native language.
  • Enhanced leadership and management capacity in delivering key business ideas more effectively to international/English-language audiences
  • Flow when presenting in English and a more natural spoken style.
  • Considerable feedback and identifying areas for future improvement/development.

Who This is For

Anyone who needs to speak publicly or present professionally in English, especially to international audiences. A good working knowledge of English is essential; experience presenting in your native language is useful.


The basic course content includes the following items:

  • Pre-work (survey and preparation of a presentation)
  • Basics of presenting in English
  • Common expressions used during presenting
  • Body language
  • Effective use of voice in English
  • Ways to begin and complete a presentation
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Engaging audiences
  • Use of visual aids
  • Dealing with stress
  • Filmed exercises
  • Considerable feedback from two trainers, native speakers of English

Number of participants: 12 maximum